Golf E Book Review – 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf

999Q_cover_03In golf, as is the case in any sport, there are the basic rules, the ones a player learns when they first learn the game in general and then there are the little rules, the ones that govern all kinds of in game situations but are lesser known and understood. Barry Rhodes’ e book ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ is designed to inform and educate golfers of all levels and abilities about these rules, hopefully improving their game in the process and at very least providing a resource to settle those niggly on course arguments.

The Beginnings of a Lifetime Obsession

The author of the book, Barry Rhodes, is not a professional golfer. He is a keen and skilled amateur but by profession he is a chartered accountant. But perhaps it is that kind of exacting mind that you need to take as deep an interest in the miniature of the rules of golf as Rhodes does.

After becoming the first person to achieve a 100% correct mark on the public Advanced Rules of Golf Course examination, run by the PGA in 2008 Rhodes began blogging about his passion and those blogs (which he still writes) formed the basics of the book which has been updated several times since its original 2009 publication to reflect changes in the rules as needed.

More Than Just the Rules

999 Questions on the Rules of Golf is far from the only book available that covers the rules of golf but it may be one of the most informative, authoritative and even entertaining.

Instead of setting out lists of rules in a dry, ordered fashion (which you might actually expect from an accountant) Rhodes turns each of his rules explanations into fact based stories and anecdotes that offer real insight not only into the rules but also into how they can often be interpreted in different ways. These stories also arm players with a solid argument that they can offer to their golfing buddies when out on the course and an argument.

Take Rhodes’ explanation of the difference in rules between a wrong ball and a ball that has been substituted. Not only does he provide a full and well researched explanation but also physical evidence, in the form of video links, of the rules in action.

In this case it is video of a 2008 incident involving Ian Poulter. Poulter had marked his ball on the putting green but then carelessly allowed it to end up in a water hazard. Facing a two shot penalty he was lucky enough that his physio was willing to wade into the water and retrieve the ball allowing him to hole out with the same ball that he had marked on the putting green exactly as the rules call for.

15 04 Retrieving Poulter's ball

These detailed explanations continue throughout the book, making it a very entertaining read as well as a great instructional tome. And because of the depth of Rhodes’ knowledge of the lesser known rules it’s very likely that any golfer will encounter plenty of rules they did not know existed as they read.

Rhodes offers the 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf e book for sale directly from his website. He charges USD $9.99/EUR €8.99/GBP £7.79 and the price includes both PDF and .mobi (for e readers) copies as well as extra PDF resources including test yourself quizzes. All in all a great value for an excellent book which you can pick up by following this link: