Golf E Book Review – Body for Golf by Susan Hill


Contrary to what many non golfers might think there is more to playing the game at any level than just puttering around a pretty green on a golf cart making the occasional stop to hit a ball or two. Golf is as physical a sport as any other – simply in a rather different way – and so golf fitness, for the serious golfer is as important as it is for any other athlete.

There are dozens and dozens of books, guides and even workout DVDs and smartphone apps that claim they offer the perfect fitness program for golfers. And if you begin to read through them you will quickly realize that there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. ‘Body for Golf’ is an e-book authored by certified golf fitness expert, fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, golf biomechanic, youth conditioning specialist and golf flexibility expert Susan Hill that attempts to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions that surround golf fitness while also presenting a workable programme that is designed to not only improve a golfer’s overall fitness levels but their actual game as well.

What Body for Golf Offers

Hill does begin her course by discussing her own experiences as a golf fitness trainer on the LPGA and PGA tours, as well as the junior tournament circuit . All of this sets her up as the expert for sure but may initially be a little offputting for the average amateur golfer who does not have the same physique, access to fancy gyms and personal nutritionists and health gurus that the likes of Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Cristie Kerr and Inbee Park do.

Fortunately the information is not being offered to imply that the information will ‘turn you into’ any of these pros, but just to set up Hill’s credentials and experience working with golfers of both sexes and all ages. It’s a digital course designed for any golfer and rather than being an ‘ironperson’ routine it’s a fairly straightforward set of exercises, philosophies and even diet and lifestyle tweaks designed to build a better golfer, not the ultimate golf machine.

Is Body for Golf Worth the Investment?

It’s the very rare golfer that would not like to improve their game and to be fair to Ms. Hill she is correct in her assertion that many have spent – or are willing to spend – all kinds of cash on training aids, training videos and more but go about doing so in a rather haphazard manner. The biggest advantage that her ebook system offers is that all of the information needed to set up a proper, workable fitness regimen is in one place that can be kept handy and followed with ease.

There is also a great deal of information contained within the book. The ultimate goal is that once a reader has worked their way through the entire e course a time or two they can, with the help of the included tools, craete a workable routine for them. There are modification tools that allow individuals to account for their age golfing experience level, handicap and other factors while building a ‘routine’ .

No one who actually plays golf even semi regularly can really argue with the fact that golf fitness is an important element of anyone’s overall game and that the fitter they are the better the chances that their golf game itself will improve. Plus, it really can’t hurt to be fitter and healthier in general, golfing considerations aside.

The total cost for the ‘Body for Golf ‘ e book comes out at around $40 and includes several bonus e books written to complement it, one of which is a rather handy condensation of the basic exercises that would be easy to load onto a smartphone to take out as a quick reference on the course. There is also a money back guarantee, so technically you don’t have too much to lose by giving the system a try.

To learn more about Susan Hill’s ‘Body for Golf’ e book and to purchase a copy follow the link below.

Body for Golf