Golf Nuts e bookEven if you are not much of a reader on a daily basis everyone needs at least one good easy to get into, not too taxing on the old grey matter summer read. There's time to kill waiting those endless hours for the plane to take you on holiday to actually begin boarding, then even more time to kill on the beach. And then all of those hours out in the backyard as you gear up to (eventually) mow the lawn. If you are a golf fanatic then one of the best e books you could load to your Kindle/smartphone/laptop this summer for pure entertainment value is ‘I Golf, Therefore I Am..Nuts' by George Fuller.

About the Author

George Fuller is, by official profession, an internationally known management consultant who has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. But, as most business people know, golf is actually a part of successful management strategy – right up to world leader level – and so it makes sense that he's a golfing nut as well. ‘I Golf, Therefore I Am..Nuts' was culled not only from his own greens experiences but from the many stories he's heard out on the course from other VERY keen amateurs such as himself and even a few pros as well.

Laughing at Our Own Madness

Fuller begins his book with the statement ‘golf is a game for nuts and obsessives' and then does go on to make a very good case for this stance but to do so in a manner that will have most laughing so much that they'll get funny looks if reading the book on the train or plane. It is that amusing, so read with caution.

Fuller begins his first golfing toe (he had authored over 20 management books previously ) by offering up solid examples of this madness in the first chapter – such as the fact that Jack Lemmon often said he would have preferred any day to win the Crosby Clambake (now known as the AT & T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am) than have won an Oscar. Or that even when his life was being threatened daily, former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos refused to miss a day on the golf course and simply took with him a cadre of heavily armed bodyguards with steel lined golf umbrellas to shade him – and ward off stray bullets – as he played through.

I Golf, Therefore I Am--Nuts!- George Fuller- 9780736075282- Amazon com- Books

The rest of the book is a series of anecdotes, observations and outright rants about the game of golf that are as insightful as they are funny. And most avid golfers will be able to relate to most of them while learning more than a few interesting tidbits of trivia about very aspect of golf and the people, both the rich and famous and the Average Joes, who play it. All in all it's a great, easy, amusing read that even a non golfer can enjoy.

You can get ‘I Golf Therefore I Am..Nuts' for Kindle/Kindle Reader from Amazon here and for Android Devices and PC from Google Play here.