Golf E Book Review – The Simple Golfswing


Most golfers who take the game in any way seriously spend an awful lot of time worrying about their swing. It’s hardly just an amateur concern either, as almost every pro pays what we would imagine is a small fortune to employ a personal swing coach to analyze and critique their swing, however many championships they might have under their belt.

Because the average amateur golfer does not have the kind of spare cash needed to employ a personal swing coach to trail around after them on the green they tend to turn to one of the ever increasing number of swing analysis tools that are available to them. From virtual coaching to video lessons to special apps there are a slew of them, often offering some rather varied – and even conflicting – advice. ‘The Simple Golf Swing, Drop Seven Strokes in Two Weeks’ by David Nevogt’ is an e book system/DVD system that aims to cut through all of the confusion.

What the Simple Golf Swing Offers

The discussion about just what makes the perfect golf swing is a debate that will never end. Sometimes it can seem like every other week a different person is declared by various pundits to have the ‘perfect swing’, often because they happen to be the one who won the latest large competition. And so then a slew of amateur golfers head to YouTube, or their swing apps or whatever an begin trying to emulate this perfect swing, usually with varying degrees of success.

Nevogt’s point is that all of this is fruitless for two main reasons; one, there really is no such thing as the perfect swing, and two, even if there were the average golfer would not have the strength or skill to execute it (otherwise they would be a pro.) Instead he proposes that every golfer work on a simple swing they can execute and concentrate on using that on an effective and consistent basis.

Is Simple Golf Swing Worth the Investment?

Simple Golf Swing follows methodology that Nevogt, an amateur, developed for himself to lower his own handicap. This is not a complex system and is not really designed for an advanced amateur, but rather for the casual, once a weeker who, while not the most avid golfer in the world would still like to improve their game.

This is not an extensive book either, it is very much written to cover the basics and to provide a ‘blueprint’ for the reader to learn, follow and then implement for themselves. The swing system itself is divided into five steps, none of them particularly groundbreaking, but for the most part common sense advice that you may have never put altogether before.

Purchasing the system online, which includes demonstration DVDS as well, also adds several ‘bonus’ e books that add some extra information, some of which is rather useful (the ‘DIY’ training aids booklet is particularly good.)

The online cost of the Simple Golf Swing is $67, including all of the extras. For a casual golfer it may indeed be worth the investment. Perhaps the best way to see if the writing/instruction style suits you is to join the mailing list which gives you access to the first chapter of the book free of charge. You could also spend a little time reading the blog that is attached to the sales site which in itself offers some good tips.

To learn more and to purchase ‘Simple Golf Swing’ simply follow this link.