Golf e Book Review – Whole Mind Golf Golf Mental Game Training

Any sport involves a mental element to varying degrees but it is an element of the game of golf that is every bit as important as the physical. A lack of mental concentration and improper mindset can certainly affect the game of even the most accomplished golfers in the world (case in point; Tiger Woods) And yet while most golfers are willing to lay out hundreds on new clubs, swing coaching devices, physical training programs and much more but invest far less in well, brain training. And according to Wade Pearse (and maybe just logic in general) author of ‘Whole Mind Golf Golf Mental Game Training’ that may be one of the biggest reasons that their golf game is far from what they would like it to be.

What Whole Mind Golf Golf Mental Game Training Offers

Originally Wade Pearse was not a golf expert, he was a certified personal coach in the corporate business arena working with Fortune 500 companies to help their senior management staff improve in that arena. There is however, plenty of golf involved in the corporate world and so that Pearse should become an avid golfer himself was perhaps inevitable.

Stuck with a less than stellar game according to Pearse he began to apply the human psychology he used with his business clients to his own golf game and found that doing so was successful, so much in fact that he switched professional gears to begin coaching golfers.

Whole Mind Golf is a condensation of the professional training that Pearse offers. Its aim is to teach golfers the basics and beyond of improving both their mental clarity on the course and their temperament so that in turn they can improve their overall game.

Is Whole Mind Golf Golf Mental Game Training Worth the Investment?

The idea of mental training to overcome fears and get a more successful mindset is nothing new to the world of golf. Pearse’s methods differ a little in that he is, by training, an NLP practioner. Neuro-linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970s and although it is primarily used in the corporate situations Pearse originally worked in it seems to translate to golf rather well.

Much of the material is devoted to helping golfers develop routines to overcome nerves, stress and anger, all three of which can, it is fair to say, impact anyone’s game if allowed to take hold. The package comes in three parts; the e book that is designed to be read first, a DVD protestation to complement the book’s contents and then a series of audio exercises for ongoing use that containing various visualization exercises and relaxation techniques to be used just prior to, and even during, the game.

How useful the individual golfer finds Whole Mind Golf to be does depend, to a certain extent anyway, upon how open minded they are about NLP techniques. For some they are a little too ‘new age-y’ while others find them very useful. Ultimately though if nerves, ‘choking’ and even anger are things you do know impact your game, as in have you ever thrown a club or kicked a golf bag out of sheer frustration? Most of us have but for some it’s a regular habit that can’t be good for their overall game.

There is actually an example of mental retraining on the current PGA Tour. When Sergio Garcia was a younger player, in the early 2000s not only did he have that annoying habit of regripping the club numerous times before making a swing he also had a rather nasty tendency to spit into the cup after a shot. He has consciously stopped doing either thing now and is undoubtedly a better player for it.

The complete Whole Mind Golf Golf Mental Game Training comes at the reasonable cost of $57 and with an 8 week money back guarantee and includes the book, DVDs and audio CDS as well as access to an ongoing support newsletter. So therefore it may be worth the investment for those who do struggle with the mental basics of the game.

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