No matter what the sport, everyone has to start at the bottom and that is especially true of golf. No one is born knowing how to swing a golf club effectively and contrary to what some none golfers believe there is a heck of a lot more to playing golf than walking around a pretty looking course swinging an iron stick at a little ball. Basically every would be golfer has to begin somewhere and it is just these people that Golf Beginner Guide by Frank J. Peter was written for.

What Golf Beginner Guide Has to Offer

Golf Beginner Guide was really created for those whose knowledge of the game of golf extends to occasionally catching a tournament on TV or maybe the mini golf they played as a kid (or on holiday last year) In other words this is a really basic primer that experienced golfers would find to be very basic, but as it's not aimed at them it's OK.

The book covers the game from ground up, starting from just what essential equipment you'll need to get started, including tips on what you can and cannot consider buying used in order to save a little money and where you can start looking for ‘deals'. The book then moves on to the basic rules of the game and golf course etiquette, something that is a little more important than some may think, especially if you are learning to play golf in order to impress the boss.

From there the basics of developing a swing, putting, chipping and more are covered and then finally it's all pulled together as a simple ‘step by step' primer that can be taken on the course in the form of a ‘cheat sheet'.

In addition to the book itself several other smaller tomes are offered as bonuses, including Mike Pedersen’s “Fit To A Tee” ebook, “Golf Like Tiger” by Ken Black and several others.

Is Golf Beginner Guide Worth the Investment?

It can't be stressed enough that this is an ebook designed fro the absolute beginner. The big claim in the marketing materials is that it can give such a person a strong understanding of the game – enough that they won't look like a complete idiot on the green – in just a single read through. For most people, as long as they are good learners, that may very well be true.

All the basic bases really are covered, up to and including the history of the game and an overview of common course design features as well as essential but often overlooked information like how to properly care for your equipment and how to properly mark a scorecard.

Golf Beginner Guide is offered for $29.90 which is certainly a decent price considering the amount of information offered and the fact that yes, this is a solid little offering that should help the golf newbie considerably.

To purchase Golf Beginner Guide simply follow this link.