Golf eBook Review – Putting Myths Destroyed


Many amateur golfers spend a great deal of time worrying about their swing and driving distances and pay far less attention to their putting game. But as the gripping finale of the recent US Open just proved again the ability to sink a perfect putt, and sink it under pressure, is crucial. And while the vast majority of golfers are never going to be in the high pressure putting situation that Dustin Johnson was, paying more attention to developing a solid putting game may improve their overall game immensely, and that is exactly what ‘Putting Myths Destroyed’ by Andy Gorman seeks to help you do.

What Putting Myths Destroyed Has to Offer

Andy Gorman is a PGA coach who has specialized over the years in helping golfers at all levels, from juniors to tour pros, improve their putting game. Gorman also believes that much of what is ‘common wisdom’ about the art of putting is more myth than anything else and that sometimes coaches perpetuate these myths, even if unintentionally, potentially damaging a golfer’s putting game at the same time.

So, Gorman goes on to claim that the techniques and advice he lays out in his book and its accompanying videos is based on his own teachings of the last couple of decades rather than on ‘flawed’ common wisdom.

Is ‘Putting Myths Destroyed’ Worth the Investment?

There is no doubt that most amateur players of any handicap probably do need to pay a little more attention to their putting game. Do they need to ‘train’ for sudden death situations like the one Johnson was in at Chambers Bay? No, but that is not what this book sets out to do anyway.

Basically, despite the rather attention grabbing title (hey, you have to get the big selling point and sometimes that calls for a little drama) ‘Putting Myths Destroyed’ is a solid collection of information, advice and practical exercises that will get a golfer focusing on their putting skills more and taking effective steps to improve them.

In terms of ‘teaching style’ fortunately the actual contents of the book are far less flowery and the information is imparted in a nice, straightforward, easy to follow manner.

Each of the lessons in the ebook is also covered by the videos so if you are more of a visual learner then you can refer to those as well. There is also a section devoted to the choice of the right equipment that could serve as a handy little shopping guide for the newer player who has still yet to fully stock their equipment bag.

At $44 ‘Putting Myths Destroyed’ is about half the cost of a cheap putting iron, so if putting is one of the weaker points of your golf game it may be a better idea to invest in this book first and then in new irons later, when you have learned a bit more about how to use them properly.

For more information and to purchase ‘Putting Myths Destroyed’ simply follow this link.