Golf eBook Review – The Prairie Secret


Todd Kolb is a PGA certified golf instructor who runs a golf academy out of the Willow Run Golf Club in Sioux Falls, SD. Over the course of his career he has worked with PGA tour pros, talented amateurs and primarily with junior golfers, and in that time he has developed a training system he calls ‘The Prairie Secret’ that can, he claims improve any player’s overall game in thirty days. But what is really behind the ‘big secret’?

What The Prairie Secret Has to Offer

The term e book is something of a misnomer for this offering as although it does come with some reference PDFs it is based primarily around a series of video lessons designed to be followed, one by one, for thirty days.

The principle behind his system, Kolb states, is the premise that practice makes perfect bit only structured, purposeful practice is effective. The ‘daily lessons’ are broken into sections; swing analysis, driving, putting, overcoming on course nerves and ‘mental blocks’ etc. but by the end of the first ‘go through’ the idea is to take what has been learned and demonstrated and work them – which is where some of the PDFs come in – into a formal all around practice routine to be followed from that point on.

Unlike some of the other instructional golf systems available Kolb’s ‘The Prairie Secret’ does not focus on a single aspect of the game (for example there are more ‘swing secrets’ systems out there than you could read in a lifetime) but instead looks at the ‘big picture as a whole.

Is The Prairie Secret Worth the Investment?

Although the promotional materials never state it this system really is best suited to the younger, junior golfer and the older beginner. More experienced players likely already have a set practice routine in place that works for them but in the case of younger, and new golfers, Kolb is quite correct when he says that they tend to spend their time focusing on the wrong things, or failing to practice and learn aspects of the game that could really help them in the long run so this system could be of all real benefit to them.

Each video is clear, concise and even rather entertaining thanks to Kolb’s Midwestern charm. They are small enough in file size that they can be watched via a smartphone or tablet with ease and are well made (which is not always the case)

In conclusion, as a tool for a junior golfer or a a beginning adult the $47 investment in The Prairie Secret may very well be one worth making, and should you wish to do so you can follow the link below:

The Prairie Secret