Cubicle Golf
Developed by Plow Digital
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android
0.99 iOS/1.99 Android


The one thing that holds true for most avid golfers is that when the sun's out and the greens are beckoning they would much rather be out on the course than stuck in an office somewhere. Cubicle Golf however brings the game to the office, at least virtually, offering the deskbound golfer a brief respite from the daily grind.

Cubicle Golf Basics


The premise behind Cubicle Golf is that standard office has been turned into an ‘Office Links' course that offers 18 holes of play in an obviously less than usual setting. Boasting better than many – and rather whimsical – graphics Cubicle Golf is part physics based golf game and part interactive comic book play through as the player must take on various personas to complete the course all the time accompanied by a TV style commentary documenting their progress. There are obviously obstacles to navigate, the biggest of which is the Boss, and power ups in the form of better clubs and balls to be earned and once you have completed your first Office Links 18 the configurations of the ‘course' change so that you can head off on a new challenge in an attempt to reduce your Office Links handicap.

Cubicle Golf in Action




As slightly silly as the premise sounds at first it actually turns out that Cubicle Golf is actually one of the better – and certainly one of the most entertaining – physics based golf sim games that can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet.

The graphics really are very good and the backstory is a solid one as well. In fact, some of the characters actually may seem vaguely familiar to anyone with a bit of office work experience as as you play through you could swear you have actually worked with some of these people before. And at times the ‘TV commentary' can be funny enough to make you miss a shot laughing at it.

The play itself, as lighthearted as the game is as a whole, is actually quite challenging. Lining up your shot involves more than just getting a straight line in the right place; the ball is going to have to bounce off all of the right obstacles (the waste paper basket, the copier, a co worker's foot) in order to go in and doing that is harder than it sounds. Then there is the added complication that the boss, Mr Hazard, is always lurking somewhere and if he catches you goofing off and golfing the game is going to end right there.

It's not too often we would advocate actually paying for a golf game app as there are so many good free options out there but if you are a fan of a good time waster that you can come back to time after time then Cubicle Golf is actually worth the modest investment.

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