Flappy Golf
Developed by Noodlecake Studios
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android


One part Flappy Bird, one part Stickman Golf and one part completely new and rather innovative golf themed game. That is what the app store description of Flappy Golf claims it is and over 1,500 glowing reviews seem to back these claims up. But is Flappy Golf really a game that you can get ‘hours and hours of timewasting fun' out of or is it just one of the many Flappy Bird clones that suddenly appeared when that annoying little app caused such a fuss a few years back?

Flappy Golf Basics


Noodlecake Studios know their golf games, of that there is no doubt. They are the developers responsible for the wildly popular Stickman Golf series and the fact that many of the elements form that game are incorporated into this one is certainly a very good sign.

Basically the object of the game is fly, or flap, a golf ball, across a series of different golf holes. And just as the aim of a standard game of golf is to complete a hole in as few strokes as possible the idea here is to do it in the least number of flaps.

If you ever played Flappy Bird then the basic controls, located on either side of the screen, will be familiar to you already. But this game adds new challenges as you are navigating far more than a couple of pipes. In fact many of the courses from Stickman Golf have been integrated here and they are the more challenging ones as well which ups the game play level. As you work your way through a course you earn additional power ups ans access to new courses and holes.

Flappy Golf in Action


As easy as it sounds like it will be to play Flappy Golf is actually rather challenging. Not only is a player focusing on the right angles, they also need to manage momentum as well. When a course requires a change in direction players also have to figure out how to achieve that in as few flaps as possible. This means that if you a serious about getting a low score doing so is more about ‘pre flap planning' than it it actually tapping the flapper the right way.

All in all there are 31 18 hole courses to be unlocked, all of them boasting the same rather nice 2D graphics as the ones in Stickman Golf. The only thing that used to be lacking in the game was the ability to go head to head with another player, but multiplayer functionality was added with a recent update, making Flappy Golf even better.

It's hard to complain about a free game that offers so much content and there really is nothing to complain about anyway. As a cool little golf themed timewaster Flappy Golf is a great app to keep on your mobile device to have handy when you have a few minutes to kill.



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