Hole in One Golf World Tour
Developed by Eagle Inc.
iPhone, Ipad, iPod Touch
Free (with in app purchases)


The biggest stars on the PGA tour get to play some of the world's most exotic golf courses on a regular basis but that is hardly the case for the average golfer. Hole in One Golf World Tour is a mobile golf game that claims it will let virtual golfers at least imagine they are doing the same thing whilst in pursuit of the ultimate golf shot; the hole in one.

Hole in One Basics


The main object of the game is to do exactly what the title suggests, get a hole in one on every hole you are presented with across a number of courses in exotic locations. In order to do so you are required to manipulate physics in the same way you would an Angry Birds type game, not only setting the path of the golf ball but also avoiding an increasing number of obstacles – initially sand and water traps but as the game progresses trees, buildings and even spectators as well – to make that elusive shot.


The game, by default, begins in Tahiti. The graphics, while not HD or console standard are clear enough and make a pleasant backdrop. After a player has made 100 shots, regardless of how they are doing on the scorecard, additional courses open up should they wish to switch and try something that might be easier.

For every hole in one made a player is awarded ‘golf bucks', between one and three per hole depending on the number of attempts made. These can be spent in the ‘clubhouse' store on upgrades to balls, clubs and clothing.

In addition to single player action you can go online and challenge a randomly selected opponent or find a friend if you have been playing for a while.

Hole in One in Action


How good you will be in Hole in One Golf World Tour really depends upon how good you are at physics based games and how light your touch is. The mechanics are simple. Hold the club, set its course and let it fly. Before you do though in addition to checking the arrows you should also take a peek at the wind tracker and compass as that is obviously going to change the flight of the pixelated little ball.

As you might expect the first few holes are deceptively simple, basic shots down the green. From the fourth hole on that simplicity goes away and the courses become a little more challenging. This is by no means a complex game, it is very much a pleasant little timewaster, but as is the case for any of these types of games getting stuck at a certain point is perfectly possible and at that point it becomes more of frustrating challenge.

One word of advice; avoid the in app purchases and build up your bank by making online challenges instead. Monetary rewards for winning a head to head match are more lucrative and each challenge is fairly short so if you really want that shiny new club to use in the offline challenges then that's the best way to get it.

To download Hole in One Golf World Tour follow the link below.