Why Is Golf Stupidly Hard?

New Golfer. Why is golf so hard?
New Golfer. Why is golf so hard?

Golf Is Technical:

Golf is technical because of the vast array of things that can go wrong with one stroke. In terms of driving, your hands must be in position the right way on the grip, the angle of the face must be correct, and you need to think about the wind because of its strong effect on the ball’s trajectory. For putting, along with hand position and face angle, you must take into account the various angles and slopes of the putting green in order to make the shot.

Your Swing:

Something that is on the mouths of golfers consistently, and rightfully so, is your swing. Having a smooth and accurate swing is one of the most obvious and biggest reasons why golf can be so difficult. Overusing your arms, allowing your hands to creep too high, or even not bending your knees enough can all lead to hitting a bad shot. Additionally, there are many micro-movements from your shoulder direction to feet that make the world of a difference.

Lots of Rules:

There are technically 34 rules in golf. Although this is not an astronomical number, there are many sub-rules that contain their own set of sub-rules. Along with rules such as “you must tee your ball within a club’s length of the hole”, and “he whose ball lies farthest from the hole is obliged to play first”. There are also rules about etiquette. According to The R&A, “golf is about respect”. Respect for the game, the course, and the other players is crucial. Things, like wearing a colored shirt and not leaving divots in the course, are some of the things that show respect for the game, its course, and those who play it.  

Mental Focus and Endurance:

Although some people think that golf doesn’t take a lot of physical ability, golf takes an immense amount of full body strength. Deep mental focus along with torso and forearm strength are important to do well in golf. To stay focused on every swing, chip, and putt over 54 times on a typical 18 hole course takes a special kind of strength. Repeatedly swinging a weighted club can take a toll on the body if you are not fit enough to play.   

There is Hope!!!!

As stated above, golf is difficult. But, THIS DOES NOT MEAN GOLF IS TOO DIFFICULT TO PLAY. There are a few specific things that can help your game.

Video Recording:

Recording and reviewing your swing will reveal inefficiencies and problems with your form. It is important that you learn what a good swing should look like. You can do this by watching pros like Tiger Woods or Daniel Berger and examining their swings. Another recommendation is to refer to articles online like this one to hone in specifics on your swing.

Private Instruction:

If you are serious about becoming the best golfer and athlete you can be, private instruction is an excellent option. It can be costly. Yet it will set you on a fast-track to having fun on your first round of 18.

Differentiated Drills:

If you do choose to train on your own, make sure not to focus too much on driving. It is fun to wack 60 balls down range as hard as you can but in actuality, you will find yourself winning countless games on the putting green. So make sure to be well versed not only in driving but also in putting and chipping.


In all of our disciplines, we desire to succeed. It’s all about the time and energy we devote to the craft. Arnold Palmer put it best. He said, “It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get.” Golf with all of its difficulties is a beautiful game. It has been played since 1457 and continues strong today. Golf is the perfect challenge for anyone willing to test their focus and natural abilities against a small ball made up of plastic and rubber.