Did you know there are 34,011 golf courses around the world? And 45 percent of them are in the United States. This means that whether you want to take a short road trip or jet across the globe, you have plenty of options for planning your next golf vacation.

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If you’re not sure exactly how to plan a stellar golf trip, you’re in the right place! This handy golf guide will provide you with all the basic information you need to plan the perfect trip in five simple steps.

1. Do Your Research

The most important thing you’ll need to do is figure out where you think you want to go and do plenty of research. For example, if you wanted to play golf in some of the oldest courses in Scotland, you would want to find out everything from St. Andrews tee times to the type of weather you can expect while you’re there.

Many people put off planning epic vacations because they fear the unknown. Taking the time to find out as much as possible ahead of time greatly increases the chances you’ll have the time of your life.

2. Choose Your Party Carefully

You’ll also want to be extremely picky about who you invite to fill out your foursome. You might love traveling with your best friends, but if you don’t all have the same goals, it could ruin the trip.

For example, if some of you are very serious golfers and others are just along for the ride, you might end up getting irritated with each other.

3. Upgrade Whenever You Can

While first-class airline tickets would be nice, what we’re really talking about here is your hotel rooms. It’s standard practice on these types of trips to share a room, but for a golf vacation, you really need to get some good quality sleep.

Don’t take the chance of lying awake all night listening to your friend snore like a grizzly bear. Even if you have to take a shorter vacation to accommodate for the extra cost, upgrading to a single room is an investment that’s well worth it.

4. Don’t Over-Schedule

The biggest mistake people make when planning golf trips is over-scheduling. Of course it makes sense that you’ll want to play as many great courses as you can, but don’t underestimate your travel time as you go from one location to the next.

Also, be careful not to plan too many rounds of golf. Make sure to consider the fitness levels and age of everyone in your party and leave yourself plenty of wiggle room.

5. Expect the Unexpected

Last, but not least, understand that things will come up. Expect the unexpected and don’t stress too much if things don’t go exactly as planned. Take a deep breath and know that you’ll have the trip of a lifetime – even if everything isn’t exactly perfect.

The Ultimate Golf Guide – And So Much More!

Now that you’ve finished this awesome golf guide, you’re ready to book your next golf vacation! Make sure to scroll through some more of our blog posts for even more great information. By the time you’re done, you’ll be a true expert in all things golf-related.