Henrick Stenson Golf Swing

Swede Henrick Stenson is consistently ranked as one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour and the possessor of one of the strongest swings. A swing so strong that according to Henrick herself there was a time, earlier in his career, when a fear that his powerful swing was going to lead to disaster was so strong that it adversely affected his game; ” I was terrified of taking someone's head off with a drive. Standing on the tee, I'd see the tunnel of people just in front of the tee box, craning their necks forward to watch, oblivious to the very real danger they were in. The image of hitting someone would enter my mind and not go away. Coming back from that dark place mentally has probably been my best accomplishment. ”

The Henrick Stenson Golf Swing in Slow Motion

Henrick Stenson

In the minds of many analysts the real key to the success of Stenson's swing is the weight shift he makes at the start of the swing. In this video P.G.A Advanced Professional Matt Holman offers his analysis of the move as a whole:

While Clay Ballard picks out three elements of the Henrick Stenson swing that amateurs may be able to make use of to improve their own swing:

And finally Henrick himself breaks down how he believes he improved his swing ahead of his 2013 Fed Ex Cup victory: