He may only be 23 and just two years into a professional golf career, but Hideki Matsuyama is proving himself to be a a golfing force to be reckoned with.

The Hideki Matsuyama Golf Swing in Slow Motion


Although golfing experts and pundits are still getting used to analyzing the Hideki Matsuyama golf swing they have already identified a quirk in it, a discernible pause at the top before he launches a powerful, and slightly ‘old school' downswing movement. That motion is broken down in the video below by swing coach Clay Ballard.

The one thing that Matsuyama does not have at the moment is a swing coach, or any kind of coach at all on a full time basis. As he explained to; “I’ve always liked to find out things for myself and to have that freedom to search out and try different things and see what works best for me, rather than have someone tell me what is best for me. So far, not having a full-time coach has been an interesting journey.”

So how did he ‘learn' the rather unique swing he has, one that has propelled him to number 14 in the World Rankings? Rather simple really; “I use videos of my own swing and check them daily.” So maybe all of that time and money you've spent on swing training apps and analysis tools have been a wise investment after all..