Debates and changes in the laws that regulate the production, use, and possession of marijuana in different states have led to its increasing popularity over recent years. Today, marijuana is a popular recreational drug in other parts of the world. Many sportsmen and women are also using marijuana and related products for varied reasons. As such, it’s not surprising that many golfers want to try it while heading out to the teen. 

For some golfers, the golf course is a safe place to smoke marijuana. That’s because it provides a wide-open park with occasional ranger surveillance. Thus, a person can comfortably smoke marijuana in a golf course even in states with strict laws for regulating it. But how does cannabis affect golf game performance? 

Well, the relationship between marijuana and golf has been fuzzy for some time. And, it’s becoming increasingly confusing. Some professional golfers have even come out openly to advocate their use of marijuana and related products like cbd wax (find this) and oil. CBD is a cannabinoid that is derived from marijuana. However, this extract is different from the other cannabinoids like THC because it doesn’t make the user high. It’s been speculated that CBD can be used effectively and safely to manage anxiety, promote sleep, and reduce inflammation. 

Some Golfers Have Been Using Marijuana for Years 

It’s not a secret that some golfers have been smoking marijuana on courses for years. Some have reported that smoking marijuana while playing golf is more enjoyable. Others think it enables them to play better, concentrate more, and have more fun. 

Some golfers believe that playing when high can improve their golf skills. Some golfers in states like California, where marijuana is now legal, have confessed to having been indulging even when the drug was illegal. 

In states like Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, where recreational use of marijuana is legal, people can smoke cannabis when playing golf. But, for some golfers, legalization of recreational marijuana has not changed anything because they have been smoking it when playing golf. 

For instance, golfers in Oregon had a Fore Twenty Harvest Tournament to celebrate marijuana legalization in Northwest. Some people that work in the golf industry, and players don’t see the use of marijuana as a problem. That’s because many golfers have been smoking marijuana for a long time. 

Smoking Marijuana can Boost Performance in Golf Game

Smoking a little marijuana might help with your golf game. That’s because cannabis can calm the nerves while relaxing the muscles. Moderate consumption of marijuana can be beneficial to most people. However, anything above 18mg can impair a person’s focus, energy levels, and coordination. 

Recently, some golfers and athletes have turned to the best cbd wax for performance enhancement. Golfers like Scott McCarron have even partnered with CBD companies to improve focus on the golf course. A cannabis-based company sponsored the success of Lucas Glover and Bubba Watson. 

Although such players are great, they have touted the health benefits of cannabis and related products. They have admitted that using cannabis enhances their performance on the golf course. However, some researchers have hinted otherwise. 

For instance, one study used Positron Emission Topography tests to analyze the brain to determine the impact of cannabis. Researchers asked participants to complete tasks that involved auditory attention before and after using marijuana. 

According to researchers, participants reported a reduction in blood flow to their temporal lobe. This is the brain area that is responsible for different focus-based tasks. When blood flow in this area is reduced, a person can exhibit impaired performance. 

However, the researchers established that cannabis increased the flow of blood to other brain areas, including the frontal lobes and lateral cerebellum. These brain parts are linked to emotion, decision making, sensory perception, and sexual behavior. In simple terms, smoking marijuana shifted the flow of blood to other areas of the brain. 

Bearing these contradicting opinions in mind, smoking marijuana before a complex game like golf that requires quick decision-making, reflexes, and focus might affect performance. However, it’s crucial to consider the opinions of golfers that have admitted that using CBD enhances their overall experience. 

Moderation Might be the Key 

Many golfers are looking for cbd wax for sale because they have read or heard some players say that this cannabidiol enhances their experience. Endurance athletes have also admitted that cannabis benefits them because it yields analgesic and bronchodilatory effects during intense training. Even UFC fighters have admitted that they benefit from moderate doses of marijuana due to its pain-relieving properties and the ability to boost creativity and focus. 

However, to ensure that marijuana doesn’t affect the focus, reflex, and decision-making abilities, golfers should use it in moderation. Ideally, any sporting activity, including your golf game, should benefit from a THC amount that does not exceed 18mg. A high amount of marijuana will most likely affect your golf game negatively. 

CBD has been touted to help with sleep, stress reduction, and emotional regulation, which means it can optimize the mental state and focus of a golfer. What’s more, even cheap cbd wax can help a golfer with injury recovery and inflammation management. 

Research has also shown that CBD can lower anxiety. That’s because it can regulate the release of neurotransmitters by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The brain releases neurotransmitters during stress. Stress is common among golfers, especially during tournaments. Some golfers are even anxious. And research has also shown that CBD can lower anxiety. As such, golfers that experience first-tee jitters can benefit from CBD by smoking marijuana.

The Bottom Line 

Using cbd wax legal products or smoking marijuana can affect your golf game positively or negatively. It all depends on the amount of marijuana or THC that a player consumes before going to a golf tournament. Essentially, golfers should focus on moderating their marijuana consumption. That’s because more than 18mg of THC will affect their focus, flexes, and decision-making abilities negatively. And this can inhibit their optimal performance. On the other hand, the stress and anxiety-reducing properties of CBD can enhance the performance of golfers that are prone to first-tee jitters.