Golf is a pastime enjoyed by fans around the world, where there’s an opportunity for both young and old enthusiasts to be in a competitive sport equally. With an intense competition like this, surely there is a way you place wagers around them and win cash. 

How To Bet Like an Expert For The Upcoming Fantasy Golf Competitions

Almost all sports can be used to win cash by betting, and golf is no exception. After PGA Tournaments return this year, we are expecting heated plays, exciting turns, and great betting opportunities. Read more about the competition and its betting tips to win if you want to get a taste of the action.

PGA Majors 

Hosted by the Professional Golfers' Association of America, the PGA is considered as the “Big one” and has always attracted the media and sportsbook websites as well as competitive bettors. 

To win the PGA Major teams, you must earn fantasy points depending on how they perform on numerous courses and events under the PGA Major. Ideally, players would want to win games as much as possible to advance to the finals and be hailed as the champion.

The Rules 

If you are planning to place a bet, you should at least know the golf basics. Golf is a simple game with a straightforward objective, which is to hit balls into different holes in the fewest strokes possible. 

Pars System and Scoring

Players follow the par system. The par system sets up limited strokes players can make on specific holes, with the most holes on ‘par 4' (four strokes only) and some on ‘par 5' (five strokes only).

When players hit the ball, their scores depend on how many strokes they took to sink the ball into the holes. Scores have different names starting from the “A hole in one” (Strikes the ball into a hole under one stroke) to “Triple Bogey” (three strokes more than par). Bear in mind that names also differ based on the hole length and par system. 

Golf Betting 

Naturally, betting the tournament winner is the simplest way to wager and win. Still, since the PGA Tour is vast with so many names and possible outcomes, there is more than one market for wagering those odds, earning more cash. Here are some of the known betting types in the world of golf.

Outright Winner 

Outright wagers involve distinct bets on who wins the tournament. As simple as it may seem, bear in mind that a match could last in days, so chances of getting it right are not always guaranteed. Therefore, it is essential to keep sound and strong mental judgment at all times.

Round Leader

On the other hand, Round Leader is a bet who places first at every round leaderboard. They don’t necessarily win at the tournament but guessing the top player each round may grant you some cash. 

Place Betting 

Golf tournaments invite so many players, and it is almost impossible to bet on a single player and expect him to win. Place betting involves getting a specific player taking the top 5, 10, or 20 slots as well as 2-Ball and 3-Ball betting, which lets you pick 2 or 3 potential winners. 

Wins from these wagers might be lower than other wagers, but they offer higher chances as you bet in more than one instance. 

Expert Tips

Getting your odds right depends on several factors. If you want to get higher chances of winning your bets, then read through several tips below. A good bettor does a good amount of research and tips from here and there to ensure the win and gamble profit.

Check the Market

The fundamental thing you can do is research. Betting websites offer predictions, the top player picks, and detailed guides for you to learn. Try to check sites like Fanduel and learn about the upcoming Fanduel Fantasy Golf events as well as their market predictions. 

Research The Weather

No matter how skilled a golfer is, their performance is always affected by weather conditions, so before placing any bets, take a look first at the current weather as bets tend to fail if players are severely affected by it. On the other hand, betting on a player with favorable conditions would affect your chances of winning any bets. 


The course set up is taken into consideration by experienced bettors. Depending on the course's critical characteristics, you can narrow your selection of players who will likely perform well on these courses. 

Expect Loses and Don't Overdo 

With so many players and rounds on board, you are bound to lose at any of these wagers. An expert plays multiple bets and expects to lose some of them, and no bet gives a guaranteed win, even if the media favors the player. 

Additionally, if you are experiencing several losses, don't be desperate and try to win them all back by betting more. Re-evaluate and be patient. The more you blind bets you'll make, the more you lose your money. 


Gold tournaments have always been an exciting event, whether you're an enthusiast or not.  While there are people who claim that it is a boring sport, experts and knowledgeable individuals can find this sport nerve-wracking and thrilling. Following these simple tips would make you enjoy the sports more and earn some quick cash at the comforts of your home as golf betting also takes the online stage.