The best swing techniques for hitting longer drives depend on your current swing. Try the 5 golf swing techniques for driving and find out which is the most effective at increasing your driving distances.

Golf Tip Secret to Adding 40+ Yards

Do you want to add 30 to 40 yards to your drives? Follow this golf swing technique from Bill McKinney to gain extra distance on your drives. By simply tucking your right elbow and tilting your body back and through, this technique will dramatically increase your distances from the tee.

Golf Tips – Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!

By following simple techniques you will have a chance of hitting the drive 300+ yard. In doing so, you need to have the same core rotation with your lower body, upper body and the head moving all together with 60 to 70% weight on your right side the same thumbs up with a bigger shoulder turn.

Tour Striker Tip – Hitting Your Driver Longer – Crack The Whip

Here is Martin Chuck’s showing how do the snap swing. Use left leg to push down into the ground, to help your body come up so that the handle of the club pulls up to which makes the club go down.

How to Hit Longer, Straighter Drives

Michael Lamanna will discuss the step by step driving basics.This Includes the proper execution of swing, how to setup and succeed when driving, the correct body posture and some other techniques to enhance your ability on how to hit longer and straighter drives.

How To Hit Long And Straight Drives

A step by step guide presented by Rickard Strongert. Starting with the set-up: making sure that your shoulder is parallel to the target, leaning the body to the right behind the ball and measuring the angle of body. Next is the swing with tips for keeping your muscles relaxed and body rotation.

Which golf swing instruction video helped you increase your distances off the tee most effectively? Please share your favorite videos that have helped you hit longer drives.