iOS App Review – Arccos GPS Golf Tracking System

Arccos GPS Golf Tracking System
Developed by Arccos
iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
App: Free System: $299

File this one under apps for the very serious amateur golfer. Fresh off the floor at the 2015 PGA Golf Merchandise Show held earlier this year in California, Arccos GPS Golf Tracking System is a hardware and app combination that offers what might be the ultimate in on course golf performance tracking. But as cool as all of its’ technology is – and it is as you will see in a moment – just who will benefit from what is a relatively large investment in technology?

Arccos GPS Golf Tracking Basics


Obviously, for $300 the Arccos GPS Golf Tracking System is made up of far more than just an iPhone app. The basic hardware kit, which can be purchased online or in select PGA merchandise stores, is in itself rather high tech, consisting of all of the following:

13 Standard Sensors (more about those in a moment)
1 Putter Sensor
The full Arcoss app for iOS
Access to an online based web statistics dashboard
Lifetime hardware and software support.

Basically Arccos is designed to track almost every nuance of a golfer’s game and provide accurate and real time statistics as well as standard GPS course tracking via the iOS app. The sensors are based on bluetooth technology and are designed to be attached to each club in your golf bag. After pairing each sensor with your phone once tracking will begin on demand according to the user preference and stats can be viewed in real time via your iDevice and are also collected in a comprehensive stats dashboard ‘in the cloud’ online.

In addition Arccos can also act as a GPS range finder that boasts a 25,000 (and growing) course database that covers locations in North America and Europe.

Arccos GPS Golf Tracking in Action

Designed to be as ‘intelligent’ as possible the Arccos sensors will track and analyze every shot made with any paired club in an on course gameplay situation. Driving range and practice shots are not tracked as the manufacturers claim that the sensors are ‘intelligent’ enough to know the difference between a practice shot and the real thing. As the player continues around the course as the stats are recorded they displayed live in real time via the iPhone so that a player can track their performance as they go along.

To get an idea of just what can be tracked check out the screen shots below, as well as a short ‘in action’ video to give you a basic idea of just how the system operates in reality:

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In many of the golfing magazine reviews the Arccos System has been described as ‘Fitbit for golf’ and that is not a bad analogy. When the system was initially released there were some grumbles about the lack of GPS mapping for smaller local courses but in the months since the GPS catalog has been expanded to match that of most of the most popular standlaone apps.

As $300 is quite an investment (although in store purchases can yield some additional savings) taking a look at the interactive demo can be helpful which you can do by following the link below this article.

Tour Analytics – Arccos Golf