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There has been a lot of statistical and anecdotal evidence bandied around recently about the lack of popularity of golf among those who would be classified as ‘millennials' (those born between 1980 and the mid-2000s) with two major factors being cited as the reasons for its lack of popularity; it's ‘too hard' to learn to play golf properly and golf ‘is boring'. Wee Golf is a system aimed at the very youngest potential golfers – kids aged 3-9 – in an attempt to remedy all of this in the future.

Wee Golf Basics

Wee Golf was developed with major input from Hall of Famer Annika Sorenstam and based in part on her ‘experience' in encouraging her own young children to follow her into the sport that made her so famous. The problem for young kids today she says is that formal golf training usually does not begin until a child is around 9 or 10, by which time their interest has often been captured by another more commonly played by youth sport like baseball, basketball or soccer.

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By targeting kids aged 3-9 the idea is that they develop an early love and basic understanding of the game that will capture their interest and lead to them pursuing the game, even if just on a recreational basis.

Wee Golf is designed not to be a standalone golf game but a learning system that makes use of kid friendly mini games that are in reality small, short lessons that introduce different golfing concepts one by one. As kids play through the modules they earn badges and rewards designed to motivate them to carry on playing.

The eventual aim is to have the child join one of the growing number of Wee Golf teams being formed across the US. Once a part of these ‘real teams' the use of the app continues but then includes things like league challenges and physical rewards set by individual clubs.

Wee Golf in Action

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Initially the games included in the beginning stages of the Wee Golf ‘journey' play very much like many of the games that kids already play. Choosing a character, a virtual golf course and extras like fancier clothes, hairstyles and golf clubs. They then set off on ‘mission adventures' and are rewarded for each one they complete.

The idea is to earn a new ‘badge' every month and each badge consists of all of the following:

Golf Rules
Golf Terms
Key Lesson – such as proper aim and set-up
Practice Game
Primary Game
Digital Reward

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The app's functions are very colorful and engaging and the difficulty level can be adjusted a little according to the actual age of the child playing. The youngest kids will need help with the small amount of reading involved of course but it is still simple enough for them to understand.

Making use of the physical game side of the app will depend upon just where you are located. There are a growing number of Wee Golf teams but if finding one is difficult you can, if you choose, contact Wee Golf to get help in setting up your own team at a local course or club, with various resources available for coaches and parents to do so.

Everything directly involved with Wee Golf is free; the app, the Wee Golf membership, and membership in a team, although green fees etc are of course still going to apply.

The stated aim of the app is not to produce an army of mini pros but to rejuvenate the game of golf in the ‘youth market'. The Board of Directors consists of Sorenstam, Ogilvie Capital CEO – and pro golfer – Joe Ogilvie and Dreamworks exec (and amateur golfer) Shawn Dennis. According to them the stated aim of the app is to introduce 100,000 new youth golfers to the game and Wee Golf is operating as a non profit organization to that end.

As a teaching tool Wee Golf is rather neat and even if a kid does not end up joining a physical team right away it still offers a nice introduction to the game in general and may indeed spark a lifelong love of the game. And since it's all free you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

To learn more about Wee Golf and download the app for your iOS device simply follow the link below.