FPR Injury Free Golf
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For some reason those who don't play golf tend to underestimate the importance of physical fitness and the impact that injury can have on a players game versus a ‘more physical' sport such as football or basketball. However, as real golfers are very well aware it is a very physical sport and even little nagging injuries can keep you off the course for weeks. FPR Injury Free Golf is an iOS app that offers full and ‘on the go' access to an exercise program designed to help golfers improve flexibility, reduce muscle imbalances and prevent injuries. But is it worth the $19.99 investment, which seems rather steep when compared with other golf fitness apps?

FPR Injury Free Golf Basics


FPR (which stands for Feeling Pretty Remarkable by the way) Injury Free Golf is a pretty comprehensive golf fitness exercise program developed by Cornel Driessen. Driessen is a fully licensed physical therapist whose clients include Rory McIlroy, Louis Oosthuizen , Henrik Stenson and Retief Goosen. He also serves as the ‘in house' PT at a few dozen PGA events a year so he certainly knows his stuff.

The FPR program is not designed to turn a golfer into a ‘mega athlete' or muscle head but it is a comprehensive program that will improve the average (and the not so average) golfer's flexibility, strength and endurance while also teaching them the best way to prevent injury caused by things like poor posture, lack of proper warm ups and cool downs while also targeting the muscles needed for a better, more controlled swing. The program is divided into 20 minute sessions that are designed to be completed in a specific fashion the first time around – which takes about nine weeks – and then fashioned into a customized five days a week maintenance program.

FPR Injury Free Golf in Action

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It's true that there are any number of golf fitness programs available these days but this is definitely one of the better put together of them and a comprehensive one that can be adjusted for various different ‘starting' fitness levels.

One of the best things about the app is that rather than relying on static photos or bandwidth gobbling video each exercise is illustrated using very nicely animated characters and rather good diagramming which makes it far easier to pick up what you are supposed to be doing and to ensure that you really are doing things the right way.

As you work your way through the initial program the app keeps track of various different metrics and stats for you and turns them into easy to read graphs that document progress at a glance. These are actually most useful after the completion of the initial program as they help you determine just how you should be spending the bulk of your time in the ‘maintenance' sessions.

$20 is actually a fair price for this app. Most golf fitness books and e books cost more and are not as efficient or easy to use. Updates are also provided at no additional cost so that is another plus as well.

To download FPR Injury Free Golf for your iOS device simply follow the link below.