Fun Golf GPS
Developed by Golf Coders
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch
Free (paid membership required for full functionality)

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With the introduction of the Apple Watch several iOS golf apps have been receiving a great deal more attention recently and one of those is Fun Golf GPS. Recently chosen as an Apple App of the Week Fun Golf GPS is a hot app. But what does it offer that may make switching to it rather than the GPS app you probably already use worth considering?

Fun Golf GPS Basics

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In terms of functionality Fun Golf GPS does just what the many other golf GPS apps out there do; tracks your position on a course, offers full mapping of said course, tracks basic stats and offers a virtual scorecard for ‘paperless play'.

There are also some less usual functionalities. In addition to the standard 2D satellite views of a course there are hyper realistic 3D model maps that display greens, fairways, bunkers, and even trees and other obstacles. There's also a feature that when enabled will analyze a potential shot and calculating and displaying the distance to the hole (and any other surrounding bunkers or obstacles) will make various shot suggestions, including the best club to use.

Fun Golf GPS in Action

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It's fair to say that most people are going to at least consider this app based on its visuals. The 3D maps really are rather spectacular and even the functionality on the graphics limited Apple Watch is above average. Once out on the course the 3D maps actually look even more impressive as thanks to their hi-res nature they still display well in bright sunlight (if you are lucky enough to be playing in bright sunlight that is..)


Eventually though you do have to stop being dazzled by the visuals and look at the actual functionality of the app, and its general value for money. To download the app for any device is now free, but for updates and full functionality you will have to cough up for the $19.99 annual membership or the $39.99 lifetime option, pricing that is just about in line with all of the other top paid GPS apps so you are not really getting any big cost savings.

When in use the 3D mapping works well and the distancing updates quickly and accurately as you move along the course. The scorecard functionality is acceptable, but nothing spectacular, and limited sharing options may frustrate some.

The suggestion tool is possibly not a plus for those who have an established game or who play the same course a great deal as chances are that your shot and club selections are something worked out a long time ago. For a newbie, or when playing a course you've never tackled before though they might be useful.

In the end you have to assume its those 3D maps that are impressing most people. And if you are the kind of person who demands the best visuals in any app you add to your device then this certainly offers them. If on the other hand you already have a golf GPS app that serves you well this is the only ‘upgrade' offered by Fun Golf GPS so you may want to think twice before switching.

To download Fun Golf GPS for your iOS device follow the link below: