Golf's Greatest Destinations
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In the opinion of most avid golfers there is no better vacation than a golf vacation. And for US golfers, or others hankering to visit the US to golf, there are literally thousands and thousands of golf courses across the 50 states to choice from, many of which claim to be the perfect spot for a great holiday. But which one should you actually head to and what's the reality behind the glossy brochure? Golf's Greatest Destinations is an app designed to help you make a more informed decision.

What Golf's Greatest Destinations Has to Offer

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The ‘brains' behind Golf's Greatest Destinations is veteran golf travel writer Katharine Dyson, a woman who has spent two decades and counting traveling the world reviewing golf resorts. Although this app focuses on US golf courses and resorts it is being gradually expanded to also include European destinations as well.

Basically Golf's Greatest Destinations is an expansive search engine for US golf courses. Those searches can be conducted by location, desired amenities,price range, course type and more. The user is then offered listings for all of the destinations that match their criteria that can then be compared side by side. Those that most interest a user can then be stored in a ‘folder' to be perused again later.

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Golf's Greatest Destinations in Action

The pleasant surprise about this app is just how comprehensive it is, far more than the ‘Yelp! for golf' that we had been expecting. There are indeed a huge number of courses and resorts listed but the search function is easy to use and fairly accurate.

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Each listing offers a comprehensive overview of the the facility in question as a whole. Most offer a ‘history' of the golf course(s) available themselves as well as basics about the pros and cons of playing it. There are both photos and videos of the course that offer an even better look at what's on offer.

Any and all of the accommodation and off course diversions are listed and reviewed as well right down to local restaurants, customs and other attractions. Again there are plenty of photos and videos to offer you ‘the big picture' and there are also an increasing number of user reviews.

As a tool to help plan a golf vacation Golf's Greatest Destinations is a good, solid offering and certainly easier to use and more comprehensive than trying to search through Trip Advisor or even the previously mentioned Yelp!. As a standalone app it could be rather entertaining as well, as an incentive perhaps to save up for the golfing vacation you really want but can't quite stretch to right now!

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