It used to be if you mentioned Australian golfers only one name sprang immediately to mind; “The Great White Shark” Greg Norman. Over the last several years another Queensland, WA resident has made quite the name for himself too though, 27 year old Jason Day.

The Jason Day Swing in Slow Motion

Many pundits consider Day to be a ‘power swinger' with a violent motion from the top to begin the down swing that they feel he pulls off because of his dedication to weightlifting. The man himself however has disagreed in the past, stating he knows a good swing is not all about power; “Swinging harder is not the best way to drive it farther. Instead, focus on the fundamentals, such as grip, setup and making solid contact, and you'll be in a much better position to crank the ball.”

“My grip and setup are my first power keys. My spine angles away from the target, with my left shoulder higher than my right. This puts me in position to sweep the ball off the tee for more carry. It also encourages me to drive my weight toward the ball at impact. I have a neutral grip, which means I see only two knuckles on my left hand at address, and on my right hand the crease formed by my thumb and forefinger points halfway between my chin and right shoulder. These positions allow me to rip it without worrying about a hook.”

Here are a couple of takes on Day's powerful swing from some of the game's best coaches.

Technically there is a lot to be learned from the Jason Day swing, but it's not one to be copied slavishly as what suits him will not suit all. His technical prowess and power are definitely worth a look.