Jim Furyk Golf Swing

Jim Furyk Swing

When asked to describe Pennsylvanian Jim Furyk’s golf swing some might call it unconventional while those being a little more blunt have been known to describe it as weird. CBS’ David Feherty once memorably described Furyk’s swing as “an octopus falling out of a tree”. But whatever it is its working for him again this year as he heads into the U.S. Open fresh off a victory at the RBC Heritage. But just what does make the Jim Furyk swing so different?

The Jim Furyk Golf Swing in Slow Motion


In Furyk’s own words (in an interview with Golf Digest) when he swings “the hips “underturn” during the backswing and “overturn” coming down, resulting in a loop of sorts. And here is the man himself explaining how his swing began in the kitchen when he was a child and how it evolved:

Here is PGA Coach Matt Holman’s take on it:

And Golf Digest Top Coach Charlie King on how Furyk’s swing helped him win the RBC Heritage for a second time in 2015: