Justin Rose US Open

In 2013 Justin Peter Rose became the first English player since Sir Nick Faldo to win a major PGA championship and the first since Tony Jacklin to win the US Open. At the 2015 Masters he finished in a second place tie with Phil Mickelson and the pair set a joint record for the lowest score by a runner-up in Masters history, finishing 14-under 274. And a lot of this success can be credited to Rose's formidable driving ability and a swing that many experts describe as almost technically perfect.

The Justin Rose swing in slow motion

Justin Rose Swing

While he may seem to have a perfect swing Rose does not necessarily agree and has, he says, made adjustments to it over the past few years that have improved his overall game; “I used to have a trigger move that saw me sink back on my heels slightly, but I’ve tried to get away from that because it encouraged my arms to move away from my body to counterbalance myself. That meant I was no longer synchronised in the swing. My initial thought now is to let the club swing back independently over the first three feet or so. What helped me win the US Open was that, as the tension mounted, I knew I had to make a free swing. If you get tight and steer it, nothing works properly. So I really focused on the first three feet being smooth and I left the rest to be a chain reaction after that.”

Here's a formal breakdown of that adjusted Justin Rose swing by Mark Crossfield

Justin's is indeed a good example of a technically excellent swing and while not to be copied directly – every golfer has their own swing – it is one that has a lot of points that can be learned from, especially his ability to set up near perfectly every time.