At the recently played U.S Open at Chambers Bay, South African Lodewicus Theodorus “Louis” Oosthuizen was in the hunt right up until the final nail biting stages of play and there is little doubt that his much admired swing certainly helped him get there and help him maintain his position among the top 20 professional golfers in the world (at the time of writing he was placed 18th)

The Louis Oosthuizen Swing in Slow Motion


According to many professional golf coaches Louis Oosthuizen's swing is one of the best two or three ‘classic' golf swings that can be seen in the professional game today. And yet quite how he maintains such a powerful drive successfully still befuddles many casual observers. Standing just 5'10” and weighing 170 pounds he's a rather slight chap who still manages to consistently produce 300 yard plus drives with a swing that seems free of odd little quirks or unnecessary flourishes.

How does he do it? Here's a Golfing World analysis of the move, with input from the man himself and a little bit of help from technology

And here's a reminder of just what that flexibility and adaptability has helped Louis achieve so far in 2015.