Do you know how much hard work and experience are required for maintaining the greenery of a golf course? Everyone sees a widespread landmass covered with eye-catching well-maintained turf and other greenery.

Greenskeeper mowing fairway

However, its maintenance is more difficult and expensive than working in the crop fields. The grass dynamically grows and it requires regular trimming. The trimming of golf course turf is not like your garden or park. Out of around 75 hectares, half of the area  is covered by the turf of different heights. On the basis of grassland, we can divide the maintained area into 4 parts including:

  1. Tee box
  2. Farewell
  3. Green
  4. Rough

Apart from these maintained areas, we also need to take care of the hazards. In a golf course, hazards mean bushes, trees, ponds and other areas that are not occupied by turfgrass. Here we will discuss the maintenance of turf in the above 4 areas with two different types of mowers. Scroll down to gain more information about their significance. 

Types of golf course mowers and their requirements

Reel mowers

This is the conventional mowing equipment popular among home gardens, public parks and golf courses too. Both manual and automatic models of this mower always remain in demand because of the perfect job execution. The grass cutting blades of this mower are known as “reels”. These reels have helical structures in a cylindrical shape. When we move forward with this equipment, blades revolve horizontally and cut down the grass precisely. For better precision, toro golf course mowers are available in multiple blade settings that can range between 4 to 11. A typical reel mower can cut grass between the heights of 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 inches. 

The golf course mower equipped with reel blades is suitable for tee box and fairway areas of a golf course. For a typical tee box area, the height of the turf range between 1.0 – 1.75 Inches. The Fairway area needs a little bit taller grass than tees where reel mowers are applicable. 

Why only reel mowers?

The multiple blades structure of reels is designed in a manner to slice down the grass precisely without damaging its roots. Even with the closest cutting, the blades keep your turf safe from any kind of damage.

Rotary mowers

In some areas, we can settle with a mower that can trim grass higher than tees and fairway. Here comes the role of rotary mowers. Toro golf course mowers also come in rotary blades mechanism. Unlike reel blades, they cut grass vertically like a chopper. 

These blades are capable of maintaining the turf area of greens and roughs. We need rotary mowers because they work much faster than reels. However, you cannot obtain high precision while cutting grass from the lower length. The rotating blades can damage the roots of grass if we use them in the fairway or tees. Apart from the maintenance of tough, rotary mowing equipment are also helpful in maintaining hazards. 

Both rotary and reel mowers are necessary for keeping the turf area well-maintained. Choose your golf course maintenance equipment wisely because inferior quality blades of any mechanism will cause severe damage to your turf.