Matt Kuchar Golf Swing


Thought of nowadays as one of the most consistent earners on the PGA tour – having banked over $20 million in winnings over the course of his 15+ year career – Floridian Matt Kuchar is currently sitting at Number 16 in the Official World Golf Rankings. But a struggle with his swing back in the early 2000’s marred his reputation as a rising golf star and even lost him his tour card at one point. So just what did he do to solve the problem and remain as consistent a veteran as he is?

The Matt Kuchar Golf Swing in Slow Motion


Around 2003 Kuchar’s promising golf game seemed to desert him, resulting in the previously mentioned loss of his tour card and seemingly a spot on golf’s notorious ‘whatever happened to?’ list. Rather than give up though Kuchar switched swing coaches, hiring Chris O’ Connell who helped him implement the ‘one plane swing’ he utilizes today.

Check out this rather comprehensive analysis by swing coach Wayne Defrancesco that rather neatly points out all of the changes and adjustments Kuchar has made to his swing that has seemingly made such a positive difference:

And this is an analysis from Chris O’ Connell himself discussing his prize student’s progress, as well as some rather interesting observations about the changing role of the modern golf swing coach.