Rory McIlroy Lines Up Putt at Chambers Bay

Rory McIlroy Lines Up Putt at Chambers Bay

McIlroy isn’t afforded everything in life

Not everything goes the way of the world #1 Rory McIlroy – as we have just recently seen at the US Open where American Jordan Spieth won the championship. Spieth was the youngest winner of the tournament since Bobby Jones in 1923. For McIlroy though, he had to settle for 9th place in what was a very competitive field.

And although it was looking like McIlroy was about to mount a serious comeback at one stage, it just wasn’t meant to be for the Ulsterman this year. This was despite leading betting exchange Betfair having the likes of McIlroy along with Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott as pre-tournament favorites.

However, away from the golf course, for a sportsman of Rory McIlroy’s standing, it isn’t often that he is faced with a resounding ‘no’ when he shows a desire to participate in something. Such a topic is what we are going to discuss today after the curtain has come down on another US Open. McIlroy is a well-known fitness enthusiast but not every form of physical exertion is appropriate for one of the world’s best golfers.

Now, we aren’t talking an extreme sport here – although some may see the ‘fad’ an extreme form of intensity training. However, CrossFit was deemed too ‘extreme’ for McIlroy by former girlfriend and tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki. She told him straight that it was a bad idea when he showed a desire to participate in this new form of exercise, in between competition.

The Ulsterman took notice of his ex-girlfriend’s advice and refrained from taking up the recent fitness trend which has recently seen it be heavily backed by a slew of sponsorships by sports brand Reebok. But why shouldn’t McIlroy train CrossFit? For a multitude of reasons in the same way that Tiger Woods shouldn’t have participated in rigorous weight sessions. In Woods’ case experts claim the increased muscle bulk was part of the reason his game has gone in to free-fall of late.

So without further ado, here are just some of the reasons why McIlroy was right to steer clear of CrossFit:

1. CrossFit is trained by many people to help build muscle. While having a lean frame with moderate muscle mass is ideal for a golfer – having a bulky muscular frame isn’t. Large muscle bulk can restrict movement and dramatically affect things such as a golfer’s swing.
2. Because CrossFit is high intensity, participants can be prone to injury especially regarding the higher impact components of CrossFit. This isn’t ideal for golfers, as being injured during competition season isn’t an option.
3. It takes its toll on the body. Sometimes after CrossFit sessions, the body will take a couple of days to recover. Fatigued muscles will be detrimental to performance – something that should be avoided at all costs during competition season.

If you have trained CrossFit and play golf regularly we’d like to hear from you as to whether it has hindered your game in anyway. Or if you feel it has helped your game progress. Let us know your thoughts below.