Of all the sports you can bet on, golf has to be up there as being one of the hardest. This is simply because of the number of participants involved, and the potential for so many of them to win.

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Football games have three possible outcomes, and even big field horse races are usually limited to 20 or 30.

Golf events can have three figure entrants in some instances, and it would be foolish to say any player on the tour had no chance whatsoever of winning. With a summer of golf coming up, now is the perfect time to think about golf betting.

So how do people win when they are betting on golf? They narrow the field and the ability to do that is now there for us all thanks to the bookmakers.

Betting Markets that Cut Down the Field

While 100 players may start a golf event, there are betting markets that offer you the chance to bet on select players rather than the whole field. This is where things become easier and you can use your golfing knowledge to place the right bets.

For example, these markets can include betting on players from a particular part of the world against each other and ignoring the rest of the field.

On major events, some bookmakers will create groups of players that you can bet on, picking out which player from that specific group will do best at the tournament.

These betting markets make things much easier for the punter as there are less possible winners on both of the markets mentioned. With markets like this becoming more common, we are seeing more people turn to betting on golf, taking advantage of offers such as the betting offers available on thebookiesoffers.co.uk.

These offers should help newcomers to golf betting get started and find their feet, betting on the upcoming tournaments we have.

2-Ball & 3-Ball Betting

Depending on the tournament and the day, players either play in pairs or in groups of three. These are mini games which you can bet on, sometimes put together in tournaments such as The Masters, while in others they are drawn at random.  

Overall scores and places on the leader board do not count here, all you are betting on is the three players in that one round and how they score.  

With only two or three possible outcomes, this makes a bet you place on this market much like a football bet.

There is far more chance of winning when only three possible outcomes exist, and that makes this a nice way to get into golf betting.

With any type of betting, if possible, you should try and rack up some confidence boosting wins and this small market gives you the chance to do that.

Top 10 and Top 20 Finishes

This isn’t narrowing the field like the others, instead it is opening up the possibility of winning. Rather than backing your player to win, a bet on them to finish in the top 10 or 20 is far safer.

This ties in with aiming to boost your confidence early by having winners, when you give yourself more chance of winning like this, you are more likely to win.

The difference between backing someone to win or come in the top 20 is 19 places, so obviously the odds will decrease when you put on this type of bet.

However, that is not always a bad thing. This game is about risk and reward, and especially for newcomers to betting, the risk should be as minimal as possible.

Markets like these two, and those above, all give you more chance to win at smaller odds as they limit the risk you have on your bet.