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Support Rises for Sports Betting with PGA Help

There’s long been a tug of war over sports betting, but it’s looking increasingly likely to become more readily available, thanks in part to the support of PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan. The situation is slightly more liberal in Canada already, where Canadian online casinos are also more commonplace than in the US.

Support for Golf Betting

There’s increasing support for more sports/golf betting, with PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan on the record advocating just that. Indeed, as Monahan has said, sports betting may simply happen illegally if legal channels aren’t open, benefiting the black market rather than enriching national coffers.

As we outline below, there’s increasing strength behind the sports betting movement. And if it does become more widely accessible, we’ve put together some put together some quick tips to help you make a winning start.

How Canadian Online Casinos can Lead the Way

Sports betting is an area where Canada tends to have more open laws than those in effect south of the border. The same is true of online casinos, and the two betting sites (casinos and sportsbooks) sometimes operate in unison. If you’re interested in spinning reels or playing cards but want to know more about the regulations then check out this legal gambling FAQ for Canadians to find out what’s what, so you can enjoy the top online Canadian casinos without concern.

Both types of betting sites often offer special bonuses, including introductory offers that can match deposits or allow for real money gambling without having to deposit anything. These free cash promotions are a risk free way to enjoy Canadian casinos and sportsbooks, and ideal for beginners to see if it’s up their street or not. For instance, many sportsbooks also offer free bets on occasion that can be used on a variety of activities or events.

There’s a great variety of games, with the best online betting sites coming with literally hundreds of slots plus a wide variety of table games, particularly blackjack and roulette. There can often be an awful lot of sports markets too, at online casinos that include sportsbooks, making betting even more convenient as everything is in one place.

Changing Betting Laws: Canada and the US

The law around gambling on sports in both Canada and the US is neither static nor unrelated to the other. Fears of being left behind by more progressive legislation south of the border is driving pressure within Canada to loosen its own legislative position lest it lose out to border states in the US offering more generous terms.

The advantage for sports fans and gamblers on both sides of the border is that this mutual, interconnected shift is almost entirely in a liberal direction. This means it’s likely to open up more betting opportunities in both countries in coming years, and as one of the world’s top sports golf is undoubtedly going to be a part of that.

Big Names, Short Odds

Making money sports betting can be great fun, but it’s also tricky. Every sport has its own set of challenges, and golf is just the same. One top tip is not to follow the crowd and get carried away by the big names. Celebrity golfers attract a lot of attention but this can also mean they’re the default option for gamblers, making their odds artificially short. The upside of this is that when one man’s odds shorten, another’s lengthen as sportsbooks seek to maintain a balanced book to finish ahead whatever the outcome. Markets with very short odds on big name golfers can have good value outsiders or secondary favorites.

Consider the Course

Whether it’s assessing the track in F1, or whether a stage is flat or mountainous in the Tour de France, the terrain is critical for a sport that occurs on varying surfaces. Golf is no exception, and the courses can vary dramatically. This includes not only the length of holes and how many bunkers and water hazards dot the course, but even things like how hot or cold it is. Every player will be a little better or worse on different course types, and this should be taken into account when placing bets.

A footnote to the course tip is to quickly check the weather forecast before betting. Sometimes terrible weather can roll in and wash away the hopes of half the field, presenting potential betting opportunities to back long odds outsiders or betting against top-ranked players in the hope that the weather gods are on your side.

Bet at Multiple Sites

The same bet for longer odds is just better, so it makes no sense to chain yourself to a single sportsbook. Whilst the odds do tend to be similar, they’re not identical at different betting sites, and browsing around can get you slightly better odds. In the long run, this can be pretty helpful. And don’t be afraid to use betting exchanges either, where the odds are usually longer.

There’s every prospect of sports betting being opened up a bit more to be more similar to Canadian online casinos, allowing golf fans to have a little wager more easily. We hope you found this article informative and useful, and best of luck should you decide to have a bet.