Over 24 million Americans enjoy golfing. Playing golf isn't just fun but good for your health as well.

Americans play around 465 million rounds of golf annually. Whenever you play this game, you're investing in your health. This decision is beneficial in the long run.

Need more proof? Here are six fantastic health benefits of playing golf:

1. Playing Golf Burns Calories

When you play golf, you burn calories. This counts as a form of exercise. Knowing how to play golf isn't what makes you burn calories, though.

Skip the golfing cart and walk the golf course instead. Depending on how much you walk and how hard you play, you can burn anywhere between 1,000 to 2,000 calories.

Burn more calories by carrying your golf bag on your back. The more physical activity you do, the more calories you burn.

2. Stress Relief

Stress relief is one of the major health benefits of golf. This sport requires you to spend time outdoors. Simply being outside and surrounded by nature reduces stress and anxiety.

Once again, playing golf is a form of exercise. Exercise relieves stress and balances your mood. By relieving stress, you're lengthening your lifespan. Your motivation and mental focus will improve too. Want to make golf even less stressful? Switch up your outings with some different golf games so you don’t put too much pressure on your performance.

3. Sunlight

Spending time outdoors boosts your levels of vitamin D. This nutrient contributes to bone and heart health. It also lifts your mood.

By playing golf, you'll reap the benefits of vitamin D and feel better overall. Just make sure you wear sunscreen on sunny days to avoid getting sunburn.

4. Heart Health

Playing golf will improve your heart health. This sport increases your heart rate, leading to improved circulation and reduced blood pressure.

The increase in blood flow reduces your chances of getting heart disease. This activity also lowers bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. The end results is a happier, healthier heart.

5. Strong Bladder

Out of all the health benefits of golf, a strong bladder is the most surprising, but still obvious. You have to keep yourself hydrated while playing this sport. Drinking water fills your bladder.

However, you don't have access to a bathroom when you're on a golf course.

Instead, you have to hold the urine in. Holding in your urine strengthens the bladder by increasing its capacity.

6. Self-Confidence

This fun yet challenging sport can give you a heightened sense of self-confidence. With each round of golf you play, you're accomplishing something. This sense of accomplishment will improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Golf is also a social sport. There's a lot of time to socialize and build relationships. This improves your confidence as well.

Self-confidence boosts your mood and memory while reducing stress.

Golf Your Way to Good Health

Over 50 million people worldwide engage in this sport regularly. Join in and enjoy the amazing health benefits of playing golf!

This sports can change your life for the better. It lifts your mood, keeps your heart healthy, and burns massive calories. Its stress-busting effects shouldn't be overlooked either. Get in on the action and join a golf club. It's the best decision you'll ever make.

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