Improving any kind of sports performance, including golf, comes down to two main factors: workouts(training) and diet. While most people think that it is the former that is most important, it is precisely the opposite. It is said that the overall satisfying fitness results are made of 70% healthy diet, and 30% regular workouts. It means that if you want to get in shape, proper nutrition is critical.

nutritious foods

Anybody paying attention to their body’s health should eat clean. While fruits, vegetables, and lean fats are go-to’s, junk food, salty foods, and alcohol are things to avoid. However, eating healthy is not enough. It is an excellent place to start, though.

If you want to stop getting furious about spending hundred of hours on a golf court not seeing any results, you should be more mindful of the diet. You must know what to eat, how to eat it, and when to eat it. Some products are great to consume before the workout, and others are ideal for a post-workout meal. However, if you reverse their order, there will be no results. 

It is best first to prepare a meal plan based on your preferences, workout frequency, and goals you want to achieve, then stick to it. Easier said than done. Not everyone is a nutritionist or a personal trainer to know such things. If that is the case, there are some apps for the mobile phone available, offering diet plans for different types of athletes, including golfers. Nevertheless, it will still be challenging to choose the best option if you do not know what foods to look for. 

Here is a list of three main elements the right sports nutrition plan for golfers should consist of. 

Number 1: Carbohydrates.

Did you think that dieting equals avoiding carbs? Not exactly. Carbohydrates are naturally occurring sugars, starches, and fiber in foods. 

It would be best if you minimized the “wrong” carbs consumption. These are foods that contain low fiber amounts, are made of white flour and sugar. Examples of such foods are white bread, pastries, cookies, sweets, white rice, and some cereals. It is best to eat them sporadically, if not eliminate them. 

However, “good” carbohydrates exist too. They are natural, unprocessed food with high fiber content. They are slowly digested, reduce heart disease risk, and prevent obesity. Moreover, they give you the energy boost needed to workout productively. Those you should eat. Examples of the “good” carbs are whole-grain bread, beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat products e.g., cereal. 

Number 2: Protein. 

Protein is crucial for muscle mass growth and maintaining a well-shaped silhouette. It is best to eat it a little protein before the ride, and some after. This way, you are ensuring the right protein synthesis in your body. It is crucial as protein helps body tissues, including muscles, recover better and faster.

An average person needs 1.2-1.4 grams of protein per one kilogram of body weight a day. For golfers, protein intake should be a little lower, depending on the workout type and intensity. 

Foods that are high in protein and tasty at the same time are lean meat, fish, nuts, tofu, beans, milk, cheese, and yogurt. You can eat them individually. However, mixing some of them and preparing a meal rich in protein will provide the best result and taste better. 

Number 3: Supplements. 

Supplements are pills, powders, and tablets that are an additional boost to the already healthy and balanced diet. They make sure your body gets a decent amount of vital substances it needs to function correctly. Dietary supplements include vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and various minerals. The most common are creatine, vitamin D, fish oil, glutamine, brand chain amino acids, and magnesium.

Some of the golfers are also known to supplement testosterone boosters as they help build muscle mass and decrease the body’s fat percentage. Best testosterone boosters, as reviewed by, are Testogen, Prime Male, and TestoFuel. 


In sports nutrition, it is vital to keep the diet healthy, full of protein, carbohydrates, and supplements. Working out regularly and eating the right foods and the correct times should have the most satisfying effects, both in terms of overall golf performance and the silhouette. On top of everything, do not forget about the water. Drinking water hydrates the organism and helps it function properly. Ideally, you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.