Rory McIlroy Golf Swing


From child golfing prodigy in Hollywood (Hollywood, Ireland that is) to world number one even though he is still only 25, Rory McIlroy has an achieved a great deal. Four major championships, some of the most lucrative sponsorship deals in golf and he was even given an MBE before his 23rd birthday. And much of this, according to even the man himself, he owes to his ability to maintain a swing that many pundits consider to be the best on the PGA Tour today.

The Rory McIlroy Swing in Slow Motion



The fact is that the Rory McIlroy swing has actually changed very little since he was a nine year old, it has just been practiced, perfected and adjusted over the years with the help of his coach, Michael Bannon, who has been working with him since Rory was seven.

Of his swing Rory has said “I have a golf swing that can go off from time to time, but I know the parameters of it and I know how to get it back on track. Driving played a big role in 2012 when I won this tournament and few others, but I feel I’m a better driver now. I’m not as one-dimensional. I can hit the ball both ways. I can flight it down. I can flight it up. I’m a little more confident with it. My lines are tighter, and it doesn’t have the ability to have these big misses, which is very important.”

But what do others think? Here is PGA pro and swing coach Matt Holman’s take on it:

And this is a breakdown of some rather spectacular play he recently displayed at the 2015 Bay Hill Tournament when the power of the Rory McIlroy swing – which is surprising for a golfer of just 5’9″ – was in full force.