Spaniard Sergio Garcia may still be looking for his first major championship win but as of May 2015 the former child protégé – he won his first club golf championship at the age of 12 – was ranked seven on the World Rankings, up from 18 just the year before, making him one of both the PGA and the European tours biggest rising stars.

The Sergio Garcia Golf Swing in Slow Motion


Whe it comes to Sergio's golf swing there is one thing that every pundit and analysts will remark upon first; the lag. Many argue that he is the most efficient lag player of the last few decades and maybe even of all time. But how does he do it? In the video below the man himself explains how he (thinks) he does it.

And this is a golf coach's take, with a little more detail about just how Garcia achieves the lag that others lack and uses it to his best advantage.

Although many point to Sergio Garcia swing now as one they'ed like to emulate it once caused controversy, particularly his old habit of gripping and regripping the club, a habit that used to drive some crazy, especially. most famously, the spectators at the 2002 US Open when people were audibly counting the number of times he regripped, often reaching 20 or more.

It's a habit he long rid himself of but the swing remains unconventional. However in regards to that Garcia has an attitude that probably should apply to every golfer's swing; “My swing works for me, so why should I change it? I prefer to have a natural swing and play well rather than a perfect swing and not be able to play good.”