Tiger Woods Golf Swing
Tiger Woods Golf Swing

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Some people might have thought that Tiger Woods was done, but that things are looking good for him. He recently announced that he would be returning to his golfing activities on a competitive level. This has been through a number of videos that have shown the start ramping up the golf activities.

Hero World Challenge

This is the competition that he recently announced to be participating in. This just comes a few weeks before the event can start. Some people are not so sure that he can do it given the tight schedule that he has to go through for training. This challenge is going to be an official event since February during the Dubai Desert Classic.

Hero World Challenge Golf
Hero World Challenge Golf


It was during the Dubai event that he pulled out due to back spasm issues. He had to undergo spinal fusion surgery later in April to correct his back spasms. This time being the fourth time he had undergone a procedure on his back. We are not sure just how much more his back can take.

Tiger Woods Golf Swing Follow Through
Tiger Woods Golf Swing Follow Through

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Arrested for DUI

Even with the back spasms treated, he was later arrested in May for driving under the influence. He ended up blaming the incident on having to deal with pain medications because of his condition. He might have been let off easily, but he has been working hard to put his game back together. That might have led to the decision he made recently of returning to competitive golfing.

The announcement was first published as a statement on his website. He believes that the challenge will be a perfect setting for him to come back to the world of golfing. Well, if you were used to betting on golf because of Tiger Woods, then you can do so again.

He was quick to thank Pawan Munjal and the Hero MotoCorp for their support to the tournament. He believes it is through their contributions that the challenge will now go on as planned. He also thanked his fans for their support that kept him going even when he was down due to injury.

Tiger Woods Golf
Tiger Woods Golf

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The Tournament

The Hero World Challenge is slated to take place between November 30 to December 3. It will be done by a Woods-owned management company that handles events. The event will be based in the Bahamas, where you can expect more people would be interested in such.

Woods has won the event five times that features elite 18 golfers. All the competitors who will be in the challenge are ranked as the top 24 in the world. Such of the golfers include Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler and many more. Even if Woods ranking has plunged over the years because of his back issues, he is still respected among golfers as one of the best.

Troubled Times

If you were just learning how to bet on golf back in 2008, you would have easily settled for Woods anytime. This was one of the best years he had back in the day. Over the years, he has often participated in events but not much winnings from his side. Sometime he would not even finish the events because of back issues. Well, now that he is back, let us hope he will give us the best entertainment that we have been waiting for.