Summer is coming or we can say the best time for the golfers is coming as summer is considered to be the best time for Golfers. Most of the golf tournaments are played, when the mercury is rising and the sun is at the equator. In fact, it is played during the hottest part of the day!

Golf is a game of mental challenges combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings. Playing golf regularly can help you to stay fit, build muscle tone, improve stamina, lose weight and body fat. It can be played by the people of all skills, ages, gender, etc; can be played alone, with family or in a team; may be a competitive activity or casual pastime.

If you are planning with your family, then go for Summer Family Golf Tournaments held in different places, some at the beautiful beach destinations. This will make your holidays worthy, as regardless of skills, age and gender, all family members can play in these tournaments.

Just few things to remember for a family trip are, apply sunscreen, remain hydrated and wear a hat. In addition to this, play early. This way, you can finish a round and enjoy the remaining part of the day in other activities.

Also, do not miss to keep these basic equipments for playing Golf.

Golf Gloves: Without proper Golf gloves, your hands may blister after several swings. Along with protecting your hands, golf gloves will help you to keep a firm grip on the club, especially when you are sweating.

A Pair of Golf Shoes: Golf shoes provide sufficient traction and grip to keep you in a good form when you swing.

Golf Irons:  A perfect iron is required for the perfect shot. The Golf Irons can be categorized as shortest, medium and longest golf irons. Each and every iron has their own specification like speed, hitting trajectory and more so one must choose wisely for the game.

Golf Bag: A bag is required in which you will carry your golf clubs. The things that should be inside your golf bag are –Fourteen Golf clubs, Golf balls, raingear for yourself, some snacks andsufficient water for you to maintain your energy level and keep you hydrated during the game. The bas should be fairly sturdy for this purpose.

Golf Tee: You will require tees to put your golf ball on. The golf tee appears like a small bright colored wooden or plastic nail piece. It is two to three inches in height. This raises the golf ball off the ground, and supports the ball, so that the ball sits stable and stationary on the top of it. You need this when you are playing your first stroke of a hole from the teeing ground.

However, if you are a professional Golfer, and keep travelling across the world for different tournaments, then in addition to above, you need to take care of few more things. Here are the tips for you to follow, if you are participating or planning to participate in Summer Golf Tournaments.

It is extremely important for a golfer to follow healthy eating pattern, good hydration habits and regular exercise.

Healthy Eating Pattern

High fat level in the body leads to higher heat intolerance. It is important for a golfer to maintain eating habits which keeps the fat level balanced.

If you see yourself to be a fit, energetic and lean summer golfer, who can play in extreme conditions, then a healthy eating pattern should be given top priority. A healthy nutrition is often defined as balanced proteins for muscle damage repair and recovery along with balanced carbohydrate to match fuel needs. To these two important components, if you add, vegetables, fruit, nuts, wholegrain and seeds, it will fulfill the important and balanced vitamins, minerals and fat requirements of your diet.

Players should consult an Accredited Sports Dietitian to plan nutrition strategies and plans that best suits them.

During the game, you need to remember that you are playing a Summer Golf Tournament and a round of golf may last for several hours. So it becomes necessary to intake fluid and carbohydrate throughout the round.

It normally happens that due to the timing of a round, a golfer misses a meal, normally lunch. Therefore to replenish these nutrients, small healthy snack can be taken every 4-6 holes.This will help for in topping up for energy loss and maintain concentration.

A golfer should also take pre-competition meal,3 to 4 hours before the round starts, which should contain fluids for hydration and carbohydrate for fuel.

Good hydration habits

Dehydration reduces performance, causes fatigue, and lack of concentrate for longer periods. Higher level of dehydration causes heat strokes. Since golf demands very high concentration which is to be sustained throughout the game, so drinking sufficient fluid is very important.

Fluid requirements generally increase when the temperature of surrounding increases. So a golfer is recommended to monitor sweat rate,which determine an individual’s fluid need. An Accredited Sports Dietitian can be consulted for this.

During practices and game, adequate fluid intake is highly important to maintain hydration. So it is suggested to keep fluids in your Golf bag and maintain condition to keep them cool. Electrolytesolutions and Sport drinks are helpful in maintaining fluid level during the game.

Regular Exercise and Training

Training schedule planned for golfers is primarily cross-training, which includesaerobic conditioning, strength training and flexibility. These are important to strengthen muscles, improve their endurance, reduce fat and minimize the risk of injury.

The training schedule is divided into four periods as belo:

Closed season

Since the player has finished the tournament and it is time for them to relax, but they  need to keep themselves active. Here the schedule emphasizes on rest and recovery along with light activity. This include cross training and light gym work.

Early pre-season

Players have already taken a break and preparing for season. Trainer emphasize on building player’s functional strength along with some muscle bulk.

Late pre-season

Here the players are working hard to prepare for the start of the season, so the trainer emphasizes on building maximum power.

In season

Now since the recreational golf or the competition is underway, so the trainer focuses on maintenance of strength and power.

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