When it comes to sport, people will debate for hours on end about which team or sport star is the best of all time and golf is no different. Fans of golf will often talk about golfers from different era’s right up to the modern day, especially when it comes to players who have gained legendary status for their achievements in the sport. Who are the top 5 golfers of all time though and just what makes them so much better than the rest?

Jack Nicklaus

When it comes to naming a top 5 list, Jack Nicklaus is not only named by everyone, but he’s most people’s number one player of all time. When it comes to finding the best players, you have to take into consideration what each golfer has achieved and nobody comes close to The Golden Bear. He won a staggering 18 majors over the course of his career and players use that as the benchmark as they themselves aim to be the best. He also managed an unbelievable 4 career grand slams, an absolute legend.

Tiger Woods

You could say that Tiger Woods was the man who was set to overhaul Jack Nicklaus, in terms of majors wins; but after an amazing rise to prominence, his career stalled. He does however have 14 majors wins under his belt and during his reign nobody came close in terms of ability. Casual golf viewers were drawn to watch the sport even more thanks to Tiger as he took things to a completely new level. He’s on the comeback trail now and if he can get anywhere near his best it would be great to see. Back in the day, sports betting brands would have him as favourite for any tournament. However, Unibet currently has Tiger priced at 66/1 to Win the Masters 2018.

Walter Hagen

In the first half of the 20th century it was Walter Hagen who reigned supreme and over the course of his career he managed to amass a total of 11 major championships, which isn’t too shabby at all. He’s third on the list in terms of majors won behind Nicklaus and Woods and was the first man from the USA to fetch back a British Open Championship. It’s said Hagen was hugely instrumental when it came to ending the class division in the sport.

Ben Hogan

If you ask golf enthusiasts about Ben Hogan they will likely wax lyrical about his perfect swing. He put in the time and effort to hone his technique, and many will tell you he is the greatest striker of the ball to ever play the game. Over the course of a great career he completed a great single year that people now call the “Hogan Slam.” He won 5 of the 6 tournaments that he entered, with three of those majors. He ended his time in golf with a great haul of 9 major championship wins.

Gary Player

Gary Player is widely regarded as the greatest non-American golfer of all time. He was involved in a great rivalry alongside Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus and their battles gained legendary status. Player had a great career in terms of success wining 9 majors and that included three Masters and three Open wins. He also completed a great career grand slam and is the only non-American to do so.