Top 50 Golf Blogs – The World’s Best Golf Blogs

Best Golf Blogs
Best Golf Blogs

Checkout our newly update top 50 golf blog list. After much research and trawling of the web, we’ve refreshed our list of the 50 best golf blogs to reflect the current popular golf blogs and some up-and-comers. They have been judged on post quality and frequency (with exceptions), activity on related Facebook and Twitter accounts and longevity.

Sadly, we had to remove 26 golf blogs that are no longer active, post infrequently or no longer exist. But it has helped us provide space for 21 new great golf blogs. There are still 5 spots to filled so we’ve love to hear any golf blog recommendations for the list. What’s your favorite golf blog? Let us know in the comments.

Our top 50 golf blog list isn’t ordered. It would be too difficult to fairly and accurately rank them, they are all great in different ways.

  1. The Sand Trap
  2. My Golf Spy
  3. Geoff Shackelford
  4. Sir Shanks Alot
  5. Armchair Golf Blog
  6. Golf Dash Blog
  7. The Golf Girl
  8. Hitting The Green
  9. The Hackers Paradise
  10. Irish Golf Desk
  11. How To Break 80
  13. Your Golf Travel Blog
  14. The Loop at Golf Digest
  15. Devil Ball Golf at
  16. Wei Under Par
  17. SBNation Blog
  18. Aussie Golfer
  19. American Golf Blog
  20. Adam Young Golf
  21. Links Life Golf
  23. Golf Vacation Insider
  24. Golf Patents
  25. Golf Babes
  26. Golf Gal Blog
  27. Golf Is Mental Blog
  28. The Irish Golf Blog
  29. Golf Tripper
  30. US Golf TV
  31. Eye on Golf at CBS Sports
  32. Golf Monthly Blogs
  33. Lets Talk Golf
  34. Three Guys Golf Blog
  35. The Dan Plan
  36. Ruthless Golf
  37. Global Golf Blog
  38. Breaking Eighty
  39. Golf State of Mind
  40. The Recreational Golfer
  41. Top 100 Golf
  42. Instruction Blog
  43. Golf Now Blog
  44. Byron Kalies
  45. Golf WRX
  46. No Laying Up
  47. Birdieable
  48. TBC
  49. TBC
  50. TBC