It's cold wet and rainy so there's no chance of getting a round in today. Or you are stuck in the office with little possibility of escape for hours but you have a spare half an hour and a smartphone.

Rather than getting suckered into a time waster like Candy Crush why not get a virtual game in with one of the increasing number of golf game apps that are hitting the app stores? It won't be the same as actually playing yourself but if you try out on of these apps you'll at least feel a little bit better about missing tee time on the day.

Flick Golf
Developed by Full Fat
iPhone, iPad, Android Devices

flick golf

Rated the number one golf game app in the App Store this deceptively simple looking game offers a great way for golf junkies to kill a little time. As the name implies players flick the ball at a series of targets but have the ability to manipulate the ball while it is in flight, potentially correcting a poor shot before the damage is done (oh to be able to do that in real life!)

There are a series of courses to navigate and the graphics are crisp and clear if a little basic. Download this app and the chances are good that it will become that ‘go to' game you fire up whenever you have a few minutes to kill.

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Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour 12
Developed by EA
iPhone, iPad and Android Devices


When it comes to realistic sports games EA are still the world leaders by far and all of the best of their mobile technologies have been poured into this game to produce the kind of gameplay and graphics that is almost on a par with the console versions of the title.

In addition to being able to put yourself in Tiger's shoes you can play as – and against – the likes of Anthony Kim, Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis, Paul Casey, Jim Furyk, Zach Johnson, and Camilo Villegas. Alternately you can create your own avatar and get yourself into the game.

There are eight courses to play including including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, Hazeltine, Doral, Greenbrier and TPC Boston and several different gameplay modes, including an online head to head that is rather challenging. The game mechanics do take a little mastering but it's a relatively short learning curve. And in a nutshell if you are looking for a realistic golf sim game for your mobile device it probably does not get any better than this one.



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Adrenaline Golf
Developed by Eurocenter
iPhone, iPad


Adrenaline Golf offers ‘real' golf play in ‘fantasy' environments. After choosing one of them – beach, night, lava or forest – you'll be offered 18 different courses to play, totaling 72 across the game . You can then choose to play for fun (classic mode), Star Hunter mode (exactly what it says, make shots for stars) or Crazy mode which requires you to complete a course in a set number of strokes. In online mode you can challenge a randomly selected opponent ( another real player, not the CPU) and earn ‘power ups' to aid your game or to damage theirs.

Obviously this is by no means a realistic golf game, although the graphics are great, it's more like a game of mini golf on steroids. But it is fun, surprisingly challenging and with a recent price cut from 5.99 to 0.99 it won't break the bank for you to try it.



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Worms Crazy Golf HD
Developed by Team17 Software Ltd
iPhone, iPad


If you played video games in the early '90s (the golden era some might say) you will recognise the Worms form the old Sega Genesis console. And yes, it's basically worms playing golf in a number of ridiculous environments but it's a fun game that is terribly addicting.

As the worms make their way around the courses they (you) face an almost endless slew of silly obstacles and challenges (crazy old women who steal you ball, bombs, jetpacks, aliens) But there is an element of challenge , as you need to think about shot selection, and club choice a little more often than you might expect worms would. Yes, it's silly, but it is a great timewaster and quite the bargain at 3.99.


Super Stickman Golf 2
Developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc
iPhone, iPad, Android Devices

super stickman

Super Stickman Golf 2 is, in many ways, the Angry Birds of golf. While the graphics are simple, if rather striking, the challenge is not, as every hole played presents several different problems to overcome and you have to get the physics just right to even get the ball anywhere near the hole.

In many ways this is more a golf maze game than a straight golf game but it is completely addicting and there is no arguing with the price – free – so there is no reason not to at least give it a try.


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