It is no secret that golf is a favorite amongst the higher-ups in business communities. Its supremacy as an efficient networking tool is seen by the number of top CEOs and US presidents who are avid golfers. The numbers are impressive, even with a decrease in participation in the sport.

In any industry, the quality of interpersonal relationships matter. Golf utilizes this fact as the perfect networking tool. Its style of gameplay is that it allows people to play together to have plenty of time to communicate. It, therefore, provides for some form of connection in the early stages of the game, eventually paving the way to a fruitful business discussion. 

golfing together

Irrespective of the industry you are in, the chances are that your company is involved in golf in one way or another. There isn’t any other perfect way to network other than through golf, below are reasons why:

Upper Management

In the office, chances of engaging with the CEO or members of the upper management are scarce and limited. With time valued to more profits and opportunities in the corporate world, networking with your CEO, or getting the top management to notice you is strenuous. 

But since golf is a favorite amongst the higher-ups, there is an excellent chance that the CEO and members of the upper management play golf. The only way to the network would be through golf.

If you’re aiming at promotion, you should be prepared in case the CEO asks you out to play golf. If your skills are impressive, the chances of being invited to play more often are increased. Golfers always want new people in tournaments to better their chances of winning.

There is no better way to network with your CEO and members of the upper management other than the 4-5 hours spent in a golf course. 


Golf is often described as an addiction or a passion. Golfers love to talk about golf, every time, whenever a chance presents itself. It isn’t a wonder that sometimes when the hiring manager is a golfer, it is bound to arise in the conversation.

If indeed golf is brought up, chances are most of the interview’s discussions will revolve around the game. If you’re a golfer, talking about your experience watching the game, playing, or even about your favorite golf courses is a giant step in establishing a robust interpersonal link between you and the hiring manager.

Through golf, you are not only able to create a relationship with the hiring manager but also increase your chances of being hired. It gives you a rare opportunity to network at an interpersonal level for the first time.

Also, suggesting a game of golf is the easiest way to securing an opportunity to know more about each other apart from an excellent CV written by writers from essay writing websites. The hiring manager may agree to a set of golf to gauge their interest in doing business with you in the future.


There isn’t a better spot for anyone in sales than supporting a charity golf tournament. A charity golf tournament attracts industry key players. As a person working in sales, there is a considerable chance that you will be asked to attend one of such tournaments.

While in the tournaments, your ability to talk about golfing and networking while it determines your success as a sales marketer. The golf tournament presents the chance to meet the heavyweights of the industry. It is your skills in building a relationship and connecting personally with the clients that are needed.

If you can successfully network through golf events, pushing your products, and securing new clients wouldn’t be much of a task. If you need help writing impeccable product reviews and check out the following academic essay writers review.


Golf is a game that involves a lot of downtimes. It affords an adequate opportunity for quality conversations. A healthy conversation is one of the most significant factors in building long-lasting relationships and friendships.

To make friends through golfing, you don’t have to be a good golfer. Your discipline and composure while at the game are what matter. If you’re a great golfer, exercise modesty as nobody loves to be associated with anyone who shows off. The basic qualities required to build a lasting friendship should manifest in the golf course, as that is what will form the basis of conversations later.

Additionally, golf brings people of all ages together, unlike other sport. There is no age limit for playing golf. It is neither limited to a certain age bracket, preferably the youth, as is the case with most sports. It gives you a chance to make friends across all age brackets, as you are all a team on the golf course.

Since most CEOs comprise of older age, golf gives a young business person the chance to meet prominent people, make friends, who might end up being mentors. Being a member of a golf club is an essential opportunity for friendship nobody should miss.

In conclusion, golf is an essential networking tool for any business. If you are not a golfer, the nature of networks you’d love to have in the future depends on how fast you learn the game. There are many networking benefits that are a result of being a golfer.