We've all had bad days at golf, particularly when luck is not on our side. Few things can do more damage to a golfer's scorecard and temperament than a bad lie.

What's the worst golf lie you've ever had? Can you beat any of these? Let's explore than range and depth of dangerous, ridiculous and impossible golf lies that threaten golfer's scores and emotional stability.

Bad Lies And Animals

The natural beauty of the golf course attracts more than just golfers. They offer the perfect habitat for the local wildlife which doesn't bode well in parts of the world with dangerous, venomous and violent animals.

The lie of this ball isn't terrible but it would take a brave golfer to take on this shot with an alligator so close by.

Alligator Near Golf Ball

Alligator Near Golf Ball

And it get's worse, not even the most stupid, reckless golfer would consider this anything other than a lost ball.

Golf ball in an alligator's mouth

Golf ball in an alligator's mouth

Perhaps the most infuriating bad lie is the entirely self-inflicted topped tee shot which ends up plugged no more than a couple of feet from where the ball started. Here are two such examples;

Golf ball plugged from a drive

Golf ball plugged from a drive

Or your golf ball plugged of a tee shot…

Golf ball plugged of a tee shot

Golf ball plugged of a tee shot

You can often get a nasty surprise in a bunker if the ball was traveling with enough pace to end up plugged in the sand.

Golf ball plugged in a bunker

Or worse still, get your golf ball stuck in a cactus

Golf ball stuck in a cactus

Then there are tree, shrubs, bushes and cactuses. You can end up with a shot stuck in the center of a bush….

Golf ball stuck in a bush

Or stuck in some tree branches…

Golf ball stuck in some tree branches

Or up a tree….

Golf ball stuck in a tree

Or under a tree…

Golf ball under a tree

Trees aren't the only hazard your golf ball might end up under, there are rocks too.

Golf ball under some rocks

In winter there is a whole new world of bad lies. You'd have to be very light, very stupid or a bit of both to take this one on.

Golf ball on a frozen pond

And if you're having really bad luck and play good enough golf to have an audience. You might suffer from a lie as bad as Ernie Els did on the PGA Tour.

Golf ball on a lady's lap with Ernie Els looking over